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Order a custom bridesmaid speech and/or poem that will punctuate the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner with humor, sentimentality, originality and class.  

Answer the following questionnaire the best you can so that we can get some details about the wedding and we will quote you a price. 

Most of our customers prefer keeping our relationship a secret.  However, if it will reassure you about our service, some are willing to relate their experience with us to you.

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"I have used Words2Touch on two occasions.  Their excellent, creative speeches were a lifesaver both times."
Rita Pallotta
Montreal, Canada
Telephone : 1-514-648-7933

Whether your intent is to pull at some heartstrings, entertain, or both, rhyming wedding poems are a great addition to your bridesmaid speech.

$20 U.S. for every 4-line verse.


The guaranteed number of free revisions that we offer are based on the time that we are given to write your bridesmaid speech, as follows :

- Less than 1 month         : 1 Free Revision
- Between 1 to 3 months  : 2 Free Revisions
- Greater than 3 months   : 3 Free Revisions

Most of the custom speeches that we have written required one or no revisions for our customers to be satisfied with or that they slightly tweaked themselves.


Even though it will be our pleasure to write something very creative and memorable, if you are pressed for time to get a custom bridesmaid speech it puts more pressure on us to deliver a gem of a speech for you.

Base prices for speeches needed within 72 hours are adjusted in the following manner.

You require the speech in < 72 hours - Base Price x 1.25
You require the speech in < 48 hours - Base Price x 1.5
You require the speech in < 24 hours - Base Price x 2.0


Complementing their English writing skills, our writers are also well-versed in the following languages:

> French
> Italian 

If you would like to address your audience in more than one language, the cost of your speech will be adjusted in the following manner: 

Add $20 U.S. for every 100 words in another language


If you have written a bridesmaid speech, but you're not sure how good or appropriate it is, our experienced writers can review it for you ... Learn More

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Is this speech for a wedding or rehearsal dinner ?
How comfortable are you talking in front of an audience ?
What is the groom's name ?
What is the bride's name ?
If you envision something specific for your bridesmaid speech, please give us a brief outline ?
What are the groom and bride's cultural heritages ?
Do  the bride and groom have nicknames or terms of endearment for each other ?  Any reasons for these ?
What are the bride and groom's dominant personality traits ? What do you like the most about them ?
Do the bride and groom have some habits, mannerisms, favorite expressions or physical characteristics that we can poke some fun at ?  Do you have any ?
What are some of the bride and groom's favorite interests ? This can include hobbies, sports, volunteer work, foods, restaurants, music, movies, books, TV shows, idols, famous personalities ...
What are some of the bride and groom's dislikes or any phobias they have ?  Are there things about the other that annoys either one of them ?
Is there anything unusual, unique or of a delicate nature surrounding this wedding ? 
Are there other people that you would like to acknowledge in your speech and what would you like to say about them ?
By clicking on the 'Submit' button, your order will be processed and we will confirm our availability, your final purchase price, the number of free revisions that you will be entitled to and payment details. 

We accept the most popular credit cards and automatic debits from bank accounts through the PayPal processing system, as well as money orders.
If you want a poem, please indicate how many 4-line verses you would like it to include ?
How did the bride and groom meet ?  How long have they been together ?  What were their first impressions of each other ?
"(Bride) Carrie Teeple picked Milevoy (Words2Touch founder) to write her wedding speech ... 'I'm not very good at speaking in crowds.  But it went really well - despite my nerves.  I got quite a few comments from people saying it was really funny,' she said in a telephone interview ...

Teeple says she couldn't have written such a good speech without Milevoy's help.  'I gave him ideas, but he put them together so it sounded elegant.'"

Monique Polak
The Montreal Gazette
June 25, 2005

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6 to 9-Minute Custom Bridesmaid Speech
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3 to 5-Minute Custom Bridesmaid Speech
(700 words max)

$159 U.S. *
10 to 15-Minute Custom Bridesmaid Speech
(2000 words max)

$399 U.S *
* Prices shown are for speeches when we are given sufficient pertinent information to work with, and that combine about an equal amount of humor and sentimentality. Speeches deviating from the above may cost more.
What is the latest date that you would like your material to be completed by?  Please note that the more time we are given, the better the quality of your material likely will be, and/or the lower the price will be, and/or the greater the number of free revisions that will be available to you.
What is the approximate percentage of your material  that you would like to be written in a light hearted tone ? The rest of the speech will be written in a more sentimental or serious tone.
What is your relationship with the bride and groom ?  Were there any funny or interesting incidents, involving the groom or bride, which happened in your presence   ?
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Nervous but reasonably comfortable
Very comfortable
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